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Take care of yourself. We offer a concentrated program to help you lose weight and exercise. Call for more information. 

Taking Care of Mom

This is important for everyone in the family. Eat well, exercise, and keep up with your healthcare.

All Generations

Each woman is different. At different stages of life there are varying needs. We focus on you and what you may need now.

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We welcome women of all ages and all cultures. Your background and culture may change what you expect in healthcare.

Welcome to Our Practice

Dr. Andrea Lukes &                           Dr. Amy Stanfield

Welcome to our practice which is focused on women's wellness. We are dedicated to providing the best of care. Our all female staff combines experience, compassion, and state of the art technology in order to offer you personalized attention. Each woman is different. We consider it a privilege to care for you.

Visit today and experience our luxurious and comfortable setting. Our expertise ranges from management of heavy periods and uterine fibroids to the latest information on integrative health and weight loss. Learn more about us as you review our website.

After 10 years at Duke University, Dr. Lukes has established the Carolina Women’s Research and Wellness Center (CWRWC). Through CWRWC, we are able to offer the opportunity to women of all ages to become involved with clinical research. This keeps us up-to-date, but also offers you additional options for a range of problems. Dr. Stanfield provides CWRWC with knowledge, insight, and flexibility in appointment times. We partner with many healthcare providers in North Carolina, and consider these relationships to be invaluable to our successful research opportunities.


In June of 2012, Dr. Lukes was invited to speak to Obgyn physicians in Ottawa, Canada, on the latest minimally invasive treaments of uterine fibroids.

In May of 2012, Halt Medical asked Dr. Lukes to testify as an expert at an FDA meeting regarding heavy menstrual bleeding.  Dr. Lukes explains that the "Halt procedure is an exciting one that was devised by Dr. Bruce Lee in California.  It is designed to ablate fibroids using laparoscopy and radiofrequency energy."


See Dr. Lukes on MSNBC news with Brian Williams – a story on YAZ birth control. (click the hyperlink)

Client Testimonials

“What I liked is the discussion on why I have too much bleeding with my periods. Dr. Lukes spent time explaining my problem in terms I could understand. Then I had the NovaSure ablation at their office and don’t bleed anymore. I love this office - every woman should be seen here.”

“I had seen Dr. Stanfield in her former practice, and was so happy when I found out she was at the Women’s Wellness Clinic. She provides the best of care. I also love the staff, and feel like they help me take good care of me.”

NOW enrolling for the following new studies:   

  • Heavy Periods/Fibroids Study
  • Chronic UTI study
  • Endometriosis

Click on the link below for more information.

For Endometriosos:  www.VioletPetalStudy.com

For all other studies, please call the clinic @ 919-251-9223